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The ‘Magical‘ Combination

Prolonged sitting is an unavoidable part of many people’s lives.  Being dubbed ‘the new smoking’ and commented on by experts such as as Professor Michael Trenell who states “The message is clear, our chairs are slowly but surely killing us..”

But it’s not all doom and gloom.  In the same vein, alcohol can kill in excess but moderate consumption is okay.  Walking and exercise is undoubtedly the remedy for our movement-orientated bodies.

The other ‘demon’ that goes hand-in-hand with excessive sitting/long computer orientated work hours is stress.  Detrimental affects to human biology are well documented and will not be discussed in depth.

The perfect combination then would be to remedy both our psychology (inner world) and physiology (body) at the same time.  The ‘magical’ ally is available to humanity via Mother Nature and is intuitively recognized for it’s non-ordinary healing effect.

Humanity since time immemorial has retreated into Nature for revitalization.  We intrinsically feel the benefit of rejuvenation after a weekend away or a long walk in Her beauty.  The research is clear: up to 800% better immunity, less stress, lower blood pressure, etc are commonly documented bodily responses.

Modern science is baffled to the ‘secret link’ that allows this magical transformation as if contained in some molecular configuration.  The answer becomes clear if we allow ourselves to move into ‘magic’, or better put ‘non-ordinary experience’.  Ordinarily we think of ourselves, ‘me’, as a defined ‘individual’; “I am a man/woman, a doctor/mechanic/cleaner, a son/a father/etc, who likes ice-cream/the beach” etc.  As such, we use ordinary thought to construct a conceptual model of the ‘person’ that we believe ourselves to be based on sex, occupation, preferences, habits, etc.  And so we make a rigid structure in a dynamic world.  The rigidity and inflexibility has to be defended in the face of ongoing change or challenge.  ‘Stress’ arises when the tree bends and ‘we’ do not bend with it.  The origin of the word ‘person’ sheds light:  ‘Person’ comes from the word ‘persona’ which means mask.  Thus we defend the mask and get all worked up about the mask, not seeing it so.

The beauty of Nature is that it allows for transcendence of this ‘mask’ out of ordinary thought into non-ordinary or ‘magical’ experience.  When we stand on a mountain ridge, gaze at the Glory of the sun, or notice the beads of morning dew on a delicate flower, we are engulfed into pure observation devoid of this ‘I’. In observing, as we stand on the mountain top and say “aaaahhhhhh” all is well.  The ‘individual’ as we know it, the mask, the persona is instantly dissolved with the aid of the magical ally, Mother Nature.  All personal stress, the worries, the job, the house, kids, our likes/dislikes, all dissolve; the person dissolves.  Devoid of this ‘individual’ the mind is calm.  Non-ordinary, or non-personal experience is experienced as the beauty of Existence.

When we go into nature we intuitively reconnect with our Nature and thus receive a vast array of ‘real world’ benefits. Stress dissolves with the dissolution of the ‘person’ and the body moves from stress physiology to restorative mode; blood pressure drops, immunity improves, hormone and enzymatic function, etc.  Stress psychology gives way to inner sanctity as traditionally termed ‘negative’ emotions such as worry, fear, doubt, anger, frustration give way to peacefulness, stillness and calmness.

The ‘Magical Combination’ then to combat both inactivity and stress is WALK + NATURE.  Whilst Nature does not ‘contain’ the benefit, it acts as a facilitator by which the self-servingness of the individual/ego can be transcended.  Why not try it?  It is free and easily accessible.  Next time you are doing your daily/weekly walk, let Mother Nature benefit both physiology (body), psychology (mind), and dare we say it..the Spiritual Essence (soul).

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