Information for New Patients

The following is information for new patients, those thinking of coming soon, or those trying to decide whether or not chiropractic can help.

Is Chiropractic For Me?

Can chiropractic help me? Do I qualify for treatment? Is it the best solution to my problem? Chiropractic is an effective means of treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. View a list of the conditions we treat to find out if we can help you.

Do I qualify for treatment? Is it the best solution for my problem?

Each person’s case is unique. Your chiropractor will need to conduct a history and examination in order to determine if we can help you, whether or not you qualify for treatment, as well as the best solution for your problem. This information is gathered at your initial consultation and is used to formulate a personalised solution to your problem.

What To Expect at Your Initial Consultation

Suffering with a health problem can create not only physical symptoms, but also mental anguish such as worry, fear, and uncertainty. Your first visit with the doctor is aimed at pinpointing the cause of the problem and to help formulate an appropriate solution. During the first visit you can expect to:

  • Have your fears and concerns listened to by the doctor
  • Have a chance at explaining your health problem
  • Ask any question relating to your current problem

The doctor will also:

  • Perform a thorough case history
  • Conduct a computerized postural analysis to uncover the precise areas of structural stress
  • Perform a complete chiropractic examination to assess your joint health
  • Conduct a muscle testing examination to reveal areas of weakness
  • Carry out neurological tests as required
  • Order imaging studies such as x-ray or refer for others (e.g. MRI, ultrasound)
  • Refer you to other health professionals if needed

Based on your individual examination findings, the doctor will discuss with you in private the appropriate course of action needed to assist your health problem.

And what you can expect from the clinic itself is:

  • Modern office suite with a relaxed ambient environment
  • Caring attitude of all staff
  • Minimal waiting times
  • Multiple payment options

What To Bring With You

To help the doctor find the best solution to your health problem please bring along:

  • Any recent imaging studies such as x-ray, MRI, CT, or ultrasound
  • Results of any blood tests
  • Details of any recent car or work accidents
  • Paperwork from your medical doctor regarding the Enhanced Primary Care treatment scheme
  • Paperwork relating to WorkCover/Worker’s Compensation claims

To help the administration staff to make your treatment experience efficient and pleasurable, please bring along:

  • Your health fund card
  • Your DVA card
  • Your payment method (see below for details)
  • Reading glasses to complete the required paperwork

You are welcome to bring along any other relevant items that you may feel are necessary for your case.

Payment Options

Payment is required at the time of your initial consultation and can be paid via:

  • Cash
  • Credit card

We are proud to offer the HICAPS facility for on the spot health rebates, saving you the headache of chasing up after your health fund monies.

We also accept when appropriate:

  • Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) members
  • Worker’s Compensation cases
  • Medicare Payments from the Enhanced Primary Care referrals from your medical doctor

Download The New Patient Form

To make it easier for you to come see us, we are providing the new patient form for free download here on our website. Simply click on the Download New Patient Form below. Please complete and bring along with you to your initial consultation.

Download CHIROPRACTIC New Patient Form

If you have any questions relating to your initial consultation, please call: (02) 9672 6892

Or email: