Are Neck and Arm pain related?

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Neck and Arm Pain

The neck, being a sensitive structure, with a mass of nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic tissue etc traversing through it can be injured or aggravated giving rise to shoulder, arm, or hand pain.  

The brain and spinal cord send out nerves to the rest of the body to monitor and control it.  Some of these delicate nerves travel through the neck bones, called cervical vertebrae.  There are little openings in the bones for the nerves to exit.  Cervical Nerves

The neck bones rely on normal alignment and motion to transfer load from the head, or in simple terms, to stay healthy.  Poor alignment and motion can result in decay, also called spinal degeneration.

Spinal degeneration

This affects the hole where the nerve comes out from the neck and down the arm.  This causes a pinched nerve and may produce shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist or hand pain, as well as pins and needles, burning, or other unusual pain.  This is called referred pain, or dermatomal pain, which the pinched nerve in the cause.

If the degeneration is extremely severe, the patient may need to seek surgical advice.  But if the degeneration is mild to moderate, therapies like chiropractic may help.  If the spinal alignment and motion is poor, spinal adjustments may be performed by hand or machine.  This can help to reduce abnormal tension.

Other causes of referred pain from the neck to the arm include tight muscles around the front and back of the neck, of which chiropractic, as well as massage can help.  Poor spinal alignment in the middle of the back may also cause arm pain and mimic referred pain.  Get your chiropractor to perform a full spine analysis to see if any nearby areas may also be contributing to the pain.

At Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest, we use an internationally recognized and Australian approved treatment method called Activator Methods, which uses a machine to treat the spinal bones.  This is a low force method and thus low risk of side effect.  It involves no drugs or surgery, is quick and relatively pain free.

If you feel that a chiropractic examination is necessary to determine if poor alignment or spinal motion is resulting in referred pain from the neck to the arm, please call us on 02 9672 6892 or you can book online.  (<— Click here)

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