Back and Arm Pain From Computers

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Good Advice for Your Computer and Device

This article is for prevention of recreation and work relation injuries due to electronic device use.  For “Prevention” adhere to the follow rules:


  • Have the computer monitor at eye level or slightly lower.
  • Have your keyboard so that your elbows are at your sides, forearms parallel to floor.
  • Adjust the chair so that feet rest flat on the floor, or use a footstool.
  • Take frequent short breaks; walk and stretch.
  • If using laptop, use separate keyboard, mouse and stand.


  • Have your mouse at the same height as your keyboard.
  • Position mouse close as possible to the end of the keyboard.
  • Use your whole arm, not just your wrist, when using the mouse.


  • Make sure your main source of light (such as a window) is not shining into your face or directly onto the computer screen.
  • Tilt the screen slightly to avoid reflections.
  • Make sure the screen is an arm’s length away.
  • Download FREE app that reduces glare:  F.Lux Click Here
  • Frequently look away from the screen and focus on faraway objects.


  • Sit at 1m away from the screen.
  • Time limit of 2 hours per day.
  • Adjust equipment for their height.
  • Buy a smaller mouse, which suits the size of your child’s hand.

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