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Gentle Low Back Pain Treatment – Sacro Occipital Technique SOT

For those of you that have low back pain and have tried many options (perhaps cortisone injections, traction, physiotherapy, massage), there may be hope for you with the gentle back pain treatment called Sacro Occipital Technique.

Here is an excerpt from the SOT USA Facebook page:
“The three-category system stemmed from DeJarnette’s engineering and anatomical background. His study of anatomy helped him investigate the two aspects of the sacroiliac joint, which has an anterior synovial portion and a posterior hyaline cartilage portion. While the sacroiliac joint is one joint the anterior aspect should have motion and this is where sacral nutation and counternutation takes place. On the other hand the posterior sacroiliac joint is focused on weightbearing stability and support, which is why at the posterior joint surface there are interlocking of the ridges, and grooves (form closure) as well as compressive forces by structures like muscles, ligaments and fascia (force closure). DeJarnette’s engineering principles evaluated the weightbearing characteristics of the sacroiliac joint and determined that when the joint could not adequately support body weight then load bearing stress will be moved superiorward to the L5/S1 and L4/5 discs, most commonly.”

When we decipher this information, it means that the sacroiliac joint may be the underlying cause for your lower back pain.  When you have been told you have a lumbar disc problem or lumbar disc pain and your back pain isn’t going away, the sacroiliac joints may be the cause.  What are the sacroiliac joints?

Sacroiliac Back Pain Treatment

The sacroiliac joints are the two main supporting structures of the pelvic and lumbar spine.  Any problem in this area can alter the spinal motion causing problems above and below such as: lumbar disc pain, lumbar or back pain, hip pain, knee pain, etc.
Sacro Occipital Technique SOT, as done by Dr Bryan Hornby at Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest, assesses sacroiliac function.  Our Norwest Chiropractor Dr Bryan Hornby also provides treatment for sacroiliac pain, low back pain, lumbar disc pain, and more.

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