Rotary Health Award – Balance Problems and Chiropractic

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Rotary Health Award – Balance Problems and Chiropractic

Balance and Chiropractic - Rotary Health Award

Rotary Health Award – Balance Problems and Chiropractic

Last night, Feb 18th 2013, Dr Bryan Hornby was awarded with an Australian Rotary Health Award for his public talk on Balance Problems and Chiropractic, including falls Prevention and awareness at North Rocks, Sydney.  Little do people know, but 1 in 3 Australians over the age of 65 will fall each year.  Up to 24% of those will die within 1 year.  The cost of falls to our healthcare system is also over $100 million each and every year.

Tips to prevent falls and improve balance that were discussed included:
– avoid dim lit conditions and hazardous surface
– remove clutter from walkways both inside and out
– avoid cigarette smoking and alcohol

– do balance exercise, weight bearing exercise (for bone health) and general activity
– eat a balanced diet with full of calcium, B vitamins, and omega-3
– manage medical conditions (such as diabetes) with your GP
– see a podiatrist to get your feet checked
– see an optometrist to get your eyes checked
– see a chiropractor to help joint movement, muscle strength, and balance.  Balance problems and chiropractic work together as a major component of the balance system (the cerebellum) relies on proper joint movement to be at its best.  Poor joint movement may affect balance and stability.

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