Benefits of Green Tea – A Chinese Medicine Perspective

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Benefits of Green Tea – A Chinese Medicine Perspective

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Benefits of Green Tea – A Chinese Medicine Perspective For Healing

Helena Nyssen, our valued acupuncturist, masseuse, and Chinese Medicine Practitioner is offering FREE 15 MIN Chinese Medicine assessment (details at the end of the article), but first she  sheds some light and reveals some interesting truths about green tea and your health:

“Green tea is a favourite beverage for millions of people all over the world, and has strong cultural and ceremonial ties. Have you ever wondered if green tea is a good choice for you?

In Chinese Medicine, all foods, drinks, herbs, and medicines (food IS medicine, after all) have certain qualities and natures that will dictate how they affect the body. Below, you can learn about how green tea works and the actions it has on your health, particularly your digestive system.

Basic Properties of Green Tea

Nature       Cooling, Diuretic, Astringent

Actions      Cools the digestive system

Clears Heat and Toxins from Stomach/Spleen and Liver

Indications            Heat conditions, Damp conditions, Excess conditions

Contraindications            Cold constitution

Cold in the digestive system

What does it do?

 Actions            Improves memory, refreshes the mind, enhances alertness, aids       concentration, reduces anxiety, aids sleep, boosts immune system, regulates     blood glucose levels, clears heat and toxins from the digestive system, relieves diarrhoea, relieves constipation (from poor diet/dehydration)

 Good for          Those with a tendency towards Heat; they often feel hot, thirsty, agitated, red in the face, have very yellow and infrequent urination, headaches, diarrhoea of a hot/acute nature (dysentery, food poisoning), digestive inflammation (Crohn’s disease, IBS, colitis, enteritis), flatulence, bad breath, ulcers, constipation from toxicity (poor diet)

Contraindications            If you have a tendency to Cold (fatigue, diarrhoea, sensitive to cold and wind, cold hands and feet, weakness and lethargy) green tea will most likely make you feel unwell, you are better to try a more Heating tea such as chai, or add ginger to your green tea.

Don’t drink in late afternoon/evening as caffeine may disrupt sleep, but drinking earlier throughout day will promote sleep.  Give only weak green tea to kids.  Be careful drinking green tea if you are on medication because it may increase or decrease the actions of the medication.

Maximum 3-4 cups per day

Preparation:            For hot tea: water should have cooled slightly from boiling (about 70-80 degrees).

For cold tea: same as above, then allow to cool and add ice. Keep in fridge. Good for Summer. This will greatly increase its Cooling properties.

Tea should be infused, not strongly steeped; a tea strainer comes in handy.  The same leaves can be used for a second pot/cup. This will make the flavour much more subtle and reduces the caffeine content.  Add a few goji berries to the mix to Warm the tea, boost your energy levels, and increase longevity.


It’s important to know your body and you constitutional tendencies when choosing foods. If you would like more information about your internal health and your ideal diet, we have free 15 minute Chinese Medicine diagnostic sessions available.
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Happy tea drinking!

Ms Helena Nyssen.

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