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Norwest Massage – Now Offering Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Norwest


Now Offering Norwest Massage Therapy at Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest

As of June 4th 2013, we proudly offer massage therapy at Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest.  We warmly welcome university trained Helena Nyssen to Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest.  She has experience in both the clinical setting treating injuries, back pain, neck pain, tension, muscle problems, as well as in the luxury-resort world where she specialized in the highest standard of relaxation therapy.

Norwest Massage @ Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest offers:

– Remedial Massage Therapy:  great for injuries (sports injuries, work injuries, and old injuries), muscle tightness, and posture.
– Relaxation Massage Therapy:  ideal for melting away the stresses of daily life.
– Pregnancy Massage Therapy:  great for mum and bub before, during, and after pregnancy.
– Combination Massage Therapy:  tailored to your needs.

Find out everything you need to know about massage here:  Norwest Massage – Gentle Care Chiropractic


Find out more about our Norwest Massage Therapist here:  Helena Nyssen

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Golf Injuries and Chiropractic

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Golf Injuries and Chiropractic

Golf Injuries and Chiropractic Care

Golf Injuries and Chiropractic:

Golf is a skillful game enjoyed by millions worldwide.  Good technique is paramount, bad technique leads to neck, shoulder, and back pain.  In our latest newsletter here at Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest, our Norwest Chiropractor has answered the following questions:

– Can chiropractic care help with my golf injuries?
– What to do after any injury?
– Are there any stretches I can do to help?

Please visit the link to read the full article:  Golf Injuries and Chiropractic – June 2013 GCCNW Newsletter

Our chiropractor at Norwest is university trained for treatment of neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and more.  Please find more about Dr Bryan Hornby (chiropractor) here:  Norwest Chiropractor

We also offer at Norwest Massage and Acupuncture to speed up healing and recovery.  Our Norwest Massage therapist, Helena Nyssen is qualified and trained in shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain and more.  Find our more about Helena Nyssen here:  Norwest Massage and Acupuncture

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Back Pain Treatment Seminar – SOT April 2013

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Back Pain Treatment Seminar

SOT Back Pain Sacro-Occipital Technique
Back Pain Treatment Seminar – Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) April 2013:

On Saturday 20th/Sunday 21st of April, 2013 Dr Bryan Hornby helped assist in teaching the back pain treatment seminar called Sacro-Occipital Technique Categories.  The Categories are Category 1, 2, and 3 and are used to assess and treat back pain, as well as neck, hip, shoulder, and leg pain.  You can read more about them by downloading our free fact sheet here:  SOT Categories Free Fact Sheet

Dr Bryan was happy to help out the students/chiropractors and enjoys doing so as he has attended this particular seminar for the 6th year running.  SOT is a great chiropractic technique because it is so gentle and treats the body as a whole (not in single parts).  For example, the Category II pelvic instability (which occurs in many people with back pain) can lead to problems as far away as the shoulder and jaw.  When back pain treatment is provided, often the shoulder problem improves too!

For more information about Sacro Occipital Technique here @ Norwest, Sydney, please click here:
SOT @ Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest

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Medibank Chiropractor – Featured Article Apr 2013

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Medibank Chiropractor

Chiropractor First Visit

Medibank Chiropractor:  What to Expect At Your Visit To the Chiropractor

The April edition of Medibank’s magazine contained a feature article on what to expect from your visit to a Medibank Chiropractor.  People often seek a chiropractor for back pain treatment, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, and other muscle and bone related problems.  The Medibank article stated:

“Seeing a chiropractor was about finding some ways to treat my pain and also learn long-term strategies I could employ through exercise, stretching and posture improvement”.  This article about a Medibank Chiropractor is similar to what people seek for back pain relief.  Dr Bryan Hornby stays current with back pain treatment for every person.

The role of a chiropractor was stated in the article as:

“Chiropractors diagnose and treat problems in the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.  Chiropractors believe that the body has the ability to heal itself, so chiropractors take a drug-free, hands-on approach to general health”.

At Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest, we take a drug-free approach to back pain treatment, headache treatment, shoulder pain, hip pain, and more.

Please visit the Medibank website here:  Medibank Chiropractor Information

Please visit here to find out more about chiropractic treatment:  Chiropractic Treatment

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Castle Hill Chiropractor – Hills News Local Paper

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Castle Hill Chiropractor

Castle Hill Chiro

Castle Hill Chiropractor – Featured in Hills News Local Paper

Our chiropractor, Dr Bryan Hornby was recently featured in the Hills News local paper.  There was a feature article on him on page 2 as the ‘Reader of the Week’.  Dr Bryan answered a number of interesting questions including “my biggest fear”, “the most amazing thing I’ve ever done”, “what people may not know about me”, and more.

To read the full article about Castle Hill local resident and chiropractor, click here:  Reader of the Week – Castle Hill Chiropractor

To find out more about our Castle Hill Chiropractor, click here:  Dr Bryan Hornby

To find out more about back pain treatment, headaches, and chiropractic, click here:  Chiropractic Pain Relief Treatment

Acupuncture Leichhardt – Introduction

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Acupuncture Leichhardt

Chinese Medicine Leichhardt

Acupuncture Leichhardt – Introduction

As a growing industry, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture in Australia attract a lot of interest. As a TCM practitioner at Journey Healthcare in Leichhardt, here are some of the questions that we are most frequently asked about Acupuncture.

What is Acupuncture and how does Acupuncture work?

Acupuncture is a healing technique that uses fine needles in specific points on the body.  It treats conditions such back pain, muscle pain, headaches, stress, anxiety, as well as for organ-based issues like constipation, IBS, colds/flu, and general health.

Acupuncture fits into the wider system of TCM (much like surgery is one technique in the wider understanding of Anatomy and Western Medicine). Herbal therapy, Massage, and Moxibustion (heat therapy) are other aspects of TCM that may be employed to achieve results for the patient.

In our Leichhardt Chinese Medicine practise, we think of TCM is a whole health system. We understand the body in terms of Qi (‘chi’), Blood, Body Fluids, Yin and Yang, the Meridian (channel) Pathways, the organs and their actions and pathologies, and exterior pathogens (to name a few of the basic theories within TCM).

To view the full article, visit the Acupuncture Leichhardt Blog here:  AcuBlog Leichhardt

To find out more about Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Massage, Moxibustion, and other natural healing therapies in Leichhardt click here:  Journey Healthcare Leichhardt

To visit Journey Healthcare’s Acupuncture Leichhardt Facebook page, click here:  Journey Healthcare Facebook

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Back Pain At Work

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Back Pain At Work

Back Pain Ergonomics

Dr Bryan Hornby’s article about back pain at work and office ergonomics was feature on Skills Savy Website ( recently.  Below is a snippet of the top 10 tips to reduce back pain at work:
10 Tips to Help with Work-Related Stress

Written by Dr Bryan Hornby
Posted: 13th March, 2013

Left long enough, these stresses may cause workers to suffer from neck pain, headaches, jaw pain, back pain, wrist, elbow, and shoulder pain. This may have long term consequences for the worker, as well as for the business (loss productivity and/or revenue).Neck pain, lower back pain, and arm pain (shoulder, elbow, wrist) are a common occurrence for many in today’s work environment. Long sitting, repetitive activities, and unvaried work tasks place additional stress on the body.

What should you and shouldn’t you do? Here are 10 Tips to Help With Work-Related Stress:


  1. FORWARD HEAD POSITION-sitting or standing with your head hanging forward causes muscle tension and promotes poor joint mechanics. Left long enough, this increases your chances for headaches, neck pain, and arthritis.
  2. SLOUCHING WHEN SITTING-slouching causes the pelvis to tilt and lower back curve to flatten. This promotes lower back pain, disc problems, and sciatica. Slouching also rounds the shoulders to force the neck into the forward position.
  3. HIGH SCREEN BRIGHTNESS-a bright computer screen can cause stress to the visual system and increase chance of eye strain and headache. Also avoid excess glare from overhead office lights
  4. LOW/HIGH MONITOR HEIGHT-a screen that is too low or high forces the neck into unnatural positions for extended periods of time.
  5. REACHING TOO FAR-having the mouse too far away affects shoulder and arm mechanics

To find out tips 6-10 please go to:  Skills Savy Blog – Back Pain At Work

To download Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest’s Ergonomic fact sheet go to:  Office Ergonomic Fact Sheet

Thank you to Fiona Neumann from
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Back Pain and Groin Pain Treatment – Conference

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Back Pain and Groin Pain Treatment

Groin Pain Chiropractic

Back Pain and Groin Pain Treatment – Conference

On Friday 15th March, Dr Bryan attended the Applied Kinesiology Conference on back pain and groin pain treatment.  New muscle techniques and pelvic alignments were learnt to help people with back pain and groin pain.
Back pain can be present at different times such as long sitting at work, with sport, pregnancy and more.
Groin pain can be present with or without back pain, and as a result of pelvic/lower back alignment problems, sports injuries, pregnancy, and more.

We now have additional muscle testing techniques available to help you with your back pain or groin pain treatment.
Call 02 9672 6892 for your Norwest Chiropractor here at Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest.

Dr Bryan Hornby will be completing the entire 90 hour post-graduate Applied Kinesiology course during 2013/14 to add to the services we provide and help your with your back pain, groin pain, headaches, neck pain, etc.

Chinese Medicine Leichhardt: Pain Relief

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Chinese Medicine Leichhardt (TCM)

TCM Helena Nyssen

Chinese Medicine Leichhardt (TCM):  Pain Relief Methods

Pain Due To Stagnation

Pain is a limiting factor in life. Many of us live with chronic pain, and it can interfere with our work, our relationships, and our pursuit of happiness. At Journey Healthcare, we believe everyone can be pain free. Acupuncture, Massage, and Chinese Medicine Leichhardt can help.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), pain has many different causes. These causes are categorised into patterns according to TCM theory. These include Cold Attacking (contracted and stiff muscles, relieved by warmth), Deficiency Pain (chronic, aching, weakness, better for pressure), or Damp Pain (a feeling of heaviness, aching, with swelling), among others. Your Chinese Medicine Leichhardt acupuncturist will assess your condition thoroughly to determine your particular pattern, and your treatment will be personalised around this diagnosis.

One common cause of Pain is Stagnation of Qi (Chi) and Blood. Our bodies are designed to move, flow, and change. They do not respond well to lack of movement and sluggishness. In TCM there is a saying; “Where there is free-flow, there is no pain. Where there is pain, there is no free-flow.”

When there is a lack of movement, for example a lack of exercise, or movement of Qi and Blood is impeded due to a trauma (bruising) or other factors such as the presence of a pathogen, a blockage will occur. We call this blockage Stagnation. This condition is extremely common and one we treat at Journey Healthcare in Leichhardt often and with great success.

In cases of pain caused by Qi Stagnation, the nature of the pain will be localised, have a distending quality, and feel worse for pressure. Blood Stagnation is more of a sharp pain and feels as if it is ‘boring in’. There may be bruising present and it feels worse for pressure. Often Qi Stagnation and Blood Stagnation will be combined.

To relieve pain, increase mobility, ease tension, and speed healing this stagnation needs to be moved. At Journey Healthcare, we employ different techniques, depending on your pattern differentiation. Acupuncture, guasha (scraping), cupping, moxa, and massage are all extremely helpful and effective.

If you experience pain, and the symptoms of Qi and Blood Stagnation sound familiar to you, Chinese Medicine Leichhardt (TCM) can help. Conditions that respond extremely quickly to treatment include sciatica, lower back pain, frozen shoulder, RSI, old or recent sports injuries, and many others.

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Helena Nyssen – Journey Healthcare

Helena is a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, and Remedial Massage Therapist at Journey Healthcare in Leichhardt NSW.

You can visit Journey Healthcare at
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Gentle Low Back Pain Treatment – Sacro Occipital Technique

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Low Back Pain Treatment

Sacro Occipital Technique Sydney

Gentle Low Back Pain Treatment – Sacro Occipital Technique SOT

For those of you that have low back pain and have tried many options (perhaps cortisone injections, traction, physiotherapy, massage), there may be hope for you with the gentle back pain treatment called Sacro Occipital Technique.

Here is an excerpt from the SOT USA Facebook page:
“The three-category system stemmed from DeJarnette’s engineering and anatomical background. His study of anatomy helped him investigate the two aspects of the sacroiliac joint, which has an anterior synovial portion and a posterior hyaline cartilage portion. While the sacroiliac joint is one joint the anterior aspect should have motion and this is where sacral nutation and counternutation takes place. On the other hand the posterior sacroiliac joint is focused on weightbearing stability and support, which is why at the posterior joint surface there are interlocking of the ridges, and grooves (form closure) as well as compressive forces by structures like muscles, ligaments and fascia (force closure). DeJarnette’s engineering principles evaluated the weightbearing characteristics of the sacroiliac joint and determined that when the joint could not adequately support body weight then load bearing stress will be moved superiorward to the L5/S1 and L4/5 discs, most commonly.”

When we decipher this information, it means that the sacroiliac joint may be the underlying cause for your lower back pain.  When you have been told you have a lumbar disc problem or lumbar disc pain and your back pain isn’t going away, the sacroiliac joints may be the cause.  What are the sacroiliac joints?

Sacroiliac Back Pain Treatment

The sacroiliac joints are the two main supporting structures of the pelvic and lumbar spine.  Any problem in this area can alter the spinal motion causing problems above and below such as: lumbar disc pain, lumbar or back pain, hip pain, knee pain, etc.
Sacro Occipital Technique SOT, as done by Dr Bryan Hornby at Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest, assesses sacroiliac function.  Our Norwest Chiropractor Dr Bryan Hornby also provides treatment for sacroiliac pain, low back pain, lumbar disc pain, and more.

Please visit our page on Sacro Occipital Technique SOT here:  Sacro Occipital Technique SOT Sydney Norwest
To find about the conditions we treat, such as back pain treatment click here:  Back Pain Treatment Norwest
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