Will strengthening my abs prevent lower back pain?

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Will strengthening my abs prevent lower back pain?  DR BRYAN UNCOVERS THE MYTH.

When most people think of back strengthening exercises, they think of doing sit ups to enhance the abdominals (abs).  They think that this exercise may prevent lower back pain.  This common myth is not only untrue, but quite frankly dangerous for your back.

Dr Bryan’s answers this question on HealthShare.
Please read his response to prevent lower back pain here:

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Beat Shopping-Induced Arm and Neck Pain

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Beat Shopping-Induced Arm and Neck Pain with these Two Essential Tips

As if fighting the traffic, finding a carspot, and negotiating a narrow supermarket isle with a trolley that has a mind of its own isn’t bad enough, the last thing that you need is a neck pain, shoulder, or arm pain.

Carrying heavy bags incorrectly may place additional strain on the neck, shoulder, elbow, and/or wrist.  If there is an area in your body that has an underlying weakness (due to past injury, poor posture, or inactivity), then carrying bags may cause pain.  The pain may come on whilst shopping, shortly after, or not until weeks after.

Download the free fact sheet with two essential tips to avoid whilst shopping that could cause neck pain, shoulder, or arm pain:

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Sacro-Occipital Technique: Information and Fact Sheet Online

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sacro occipital technique

Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT):  Whole Body Analysis

Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) is a chiropractic system of analysis that assesses whole body health for maximum healing and recovery.

It encompasses so much more than simple muscle and joint problems (i.e. problems turning the neck, back pain, knee problems, etc) and analyses posture, balance, joint health, muscle strength, organ positioning and function, cranial (or skull) rhythm, and neurological patterns.  This means that is may not only help with musculoskeletal problems, but whole body health.

Find out more information by accessing our latest Sacro-Occipital Technique free fact sheet at:

And visit our page here on Sacro-Occipital Technique here:

Visit the SOT-Australasia page here at:


Balance Talk – Rotary Club Norwest Sunrise 15.11.2012

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Balance Talk – Rotary Norwest

Dr Bryan was at it again, giving another balance talk to the Rotary Club Norwest Sunrise this morning at 7am.
The talk was delivered at the grounds of the lovely Castle Hill Country Club.  Topics covered included in the balance talk were balance and falls prevention, healthy bones, and pain reduction.  Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest would like to thank president Bruce Robinson, liaisons Russ Evans/Andrew Vassalo.  Looking forward to hearing from the Rotary Club in the future.

Having breakfast at Rotary Norwest

Accepting a gift from Rotary Norwest president Bruce Robinson


Conference @ Kingscliff, NSW: Relief of arm and leg pain?

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Relief of Arm and Leg Pain – Chiropractic Conference Nov 10-11, 2012

Last Saturday and Sunday was a dedicated study-weekend for Dr Bryan.  He traveled to the northern NSW border-town of Kingscliff to learn about relief of arm pain and leg pain.  Internationally acclaimed speaker and chiropractor to the Pro Golf tour, Jesper Dahl, revealed advanced analysis methods for arm pain and leg pain which are crucial in getting to the cause of the problem.  These new techniques are great for all sorts of relief of arm and leg pain such as sore knees, hip pain, painful shoulders, even wrists and elbows.  This new knowledge adds to our service and allows us to more effectively address your health problems.   Please phone the clinic on 9672 6892 to find out if we can help with your relief of arm pain and leg pain.

Arm and leg pain conference

Dr Jesper Dahl speaking to a full house

Chiropractic Posture Talk – New Dimensions Norwest

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Chiropractic Posture Talk:  Posture, Body Language, Exercise, and Nutrition

Last night (October 25, 2012), Dr Bryan from Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest gave a chiropractic posture talk about joint health, exercise, posture, and body language at New Dimensions Wellness Norwest.  Participants found out interesting and unusual information about a range of topics from sit-ups and stretches, to joint health and falls prevention, to posture and breathing, and even about appearance.  And to top it off, $125.00 worth of prizes were given away at the end.

Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest would personally like to thank Tammy from New Dimensions Wellness.  Please call them on 1300 858 639 or visit their website at

Chiropractic Education Talk

Preparing for last night’s talk





New Dimensions Gym





Dr Bryan’s next talk is November 15th, 2012 at Castle Hill Country Club at 8am.  Call 02 9672 6892 for more details.

Dizziness and Neck Pain – Are they related?

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vertigo and neck pain

Dizziness and Neck Pain

If there is one thing that is constant on this earth, it is gravity.  When your relationship to gravity is affected (i.e. loss of balance/spinning), it can be quite an unnerving experience.  People can become frightened to walk unaided, move suddenly, or in the worst case scenario, move at all.  At to make it worse, nausea and vomit often accompany this dizzy episode.

What is causing my dizziness?  

There are many causes of dizziness ranging from inner ear problems, to viral infections, to eye problems, and even neck problems.  How could this be?

Your body senses where you are in space by relying on 3 things:

1.  Your eyes
2.  Your ears (inner ears)
3.  Your spine (your neck)

All 3 of these parts provide information to the brain about where you are and how your body is positioned.  If one of these areas is faulty it means that your brain may not be able to efficiently co-ordinate an appropriate response such as altering your blood pressure when you stand up, or steadying your eye movements when your are in a moving train.

Of course there are many reasons why one of these three areas may be faulty, and dizziness and neck pain may be related.  To check if your neck and spine may be making your dizziness worse, consult your chiropractor.

Please call us at Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest on 02 9672 6892 to organize a time for an assessment about your dizziness and neck pain.


High Heels Foot Cramps – Why Do They Happen?

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Dr Bryan talks about high heels foot cramps and why people often get them when they wear high heels for an extended period of time.  See his response on the health forum “”.

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Swimming Shoulder Pain – What Should I Do?

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Dr Bryan talks about swimming shoulder pain from swimming on the health forum “”

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Hip Fractures and Bone Density Problems – Why You Need To Take Notice

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Hip Fractures and Bone Density Problems

Each year, one in three people over the age of 65 will take a serious tumble that may land them in hospital with a hip fracture.  24 percent of those who break their hip will die within a year (Am J Public Health, 1994).  Sixty percent will experience dementia like symptoms.  Most will never see home again.

How may hip fractures and bone density problems occur?
– hormonal changes in the older adult
– negative dietary influences (excess sugar, carbonated drinks, alcohol, tobacco, etc)
– inadequate exercise
– genetic
– problems starting from an early age? (take a look at all the kids with their iPhones and computer games.  These new technologies sadly may influence spine and back problems)

Chiropractic care combined with simple lifestyle changes may be powerful ways to prevent and address some of the causes surrounding falls.

Please see the book “Good Joints, Good Attraction” at or for an exclusive dietary guide on how to help improve bone health and decrease chances of hip fractures.