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Chiropractic For Arthritis

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Chiropractic For Arthritis:  

Norwest and Castle Hill Chiropractor Dr Bryan Hornby explains…”Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition of the spine and/or other joints that (in most cases) is a mechanically based problem”.  Chiropractic is a treatment that addresses these mechanical stresses to ease the pain of osteoarthritis.

“Abnormal joint movement (biomechanics) can lead to increased wear of the spine called degeneration and arthritis.  We use a mechanical treatment to help a mechanical problem”.  Drug therapy (such as paracetamol) can be used for arthritis, but it is a chemical remedy to a  mechanical problem.  It is like putting a square peg into a round hole.   “Drug therapy may be used to co-manage arthritis, as well as chiropractic” Dr Hornby states.

Here at Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest mechanically based structural alignment treatments help this common mechanical problem of arthritis.  Dr Hornby is supported by fellow doctors here as American chiropractor Dr Peter Bufano states “….“…regular chiropractic alignments help to minimize joint in-flammation and reduce swelling, which helps to alleviate pain.  Chiropractic care is bringing hope back to our patients, showing them that they do not need to give up their active lifestyle…”.

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