Chiropractic Philosophy of Healing

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Chiropractic Philosophy of Healing
“Above Down Inside Out”

Health is poorly understood: body becomes sick, cure comes from outside and body “catches” something from out there that effects in here.  Take a cold for example, strep bacteria that we supposedly catch exist in also in a person without a cold and only take hold given the opportunity.  Health comes from inside-out, not outside-in.  Only when the body is weak pathogens take hold.



meaning from the brain down the spinal cord to the tissues of the body. Only when this pathway from brain to body is interfered with that the natural healing power declines.  In chiropractic we call this interference a “subluxation”. What is it?

In philosophy the explanation is as follows:  A SUBLUXATION is a bone out of place.  It disconnects brain from body and the nervous system suffers.  As a result the body functions abnormally and build itself sick. Chiropractic adjustment realigns the spine to reconnect the brain and body and allow healing to take place from “above down inside out”: from the brain down the spinal cord to tissue. This is normal and natural healing.

Subluxation 3 causes: physical, chemical and mental. To help your health: move well, eat well AND think well.  This is simple but infinitely powerful stuff guys! The power that made the body can heal it given the right conditions.

The chiropractor realigns the spine and the innate healing power of the body does the rest.  Given time and the right conditions, the body will heal itself.  This is no secret or magic; the body heals itself given the chance like when you cut your arm.  If there is any “subluxation” or interference to normal healing, be it poor nerve function in the arm, internal inflammation, poor blood supply, or whatever, the normal healing response will be weakened.
Chiropractic does not treat symptoms and therefore cannot “cure” anything – simply to make the body function how it is supposed to which allows healing to take place from above-down-inside-out.  If you suffer from any condition, please call or email us and we can discuss your specific concern and your body’s natural healing ability (details below).
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