Dizziness and Neck Pain – Are they related?

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vertigo and neck pain

Dizziness and Neck Pain

If there is one thing that is constant on this earth, it is gravity.  When your relationship to gravity is affected (i.e. loss of balance/spinning), it can be quite an unnerving experience.  People can become frightened to walk unaided, move suddenly, or in the worst case scenario, move at all.  At to make it worse, nausea and vomit often accompany this dizzy episode.

What is causing my dizziness?  

There are many causes of dizziness ranging from inner ear problems, to viral infections, to eye problems, and even neck problems.  How could this be?

Your body senses where you are in space by relying on 3 things:

1.  Your eyes
2.  Your ears (inner ears)
3.  Your spine (your neck)

All 3 of these parts provide information to the brain about where you are and how your body is positioned.  If one of these areas is faulty it means that your brain may not be able to efficiently co-ordinate an appropriate response such as altering your blood pressure when you stand up, or steadying your eye movements when your are in a moving train.

Of course there are many reasons why one of these three areas may be faulty, and dizziness and neck pain may be related.  To check if your neck and spine may be making your dizziness worse, consult your chiropractor.

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