Back Pain and Groin Pain Treatment – Conference

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Back Pain and Groin Pain Treatment

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Back Pain and Groin Pain Treatment – Conference

On Friday 15th March, Dr Bryan attended the Applied Kinesiology Conference on back pain and groin pain treatment.  New muscle techniques and pelvic alignments were learnt to help people with back pain and groin pain.
Back pain can be present at different times such as long sitting at work, with sport, pregnancy and more.
Groin pain can be present with or without back pain, and as a result of pelvic/lower back alignment problems, sports injuries, pregnancy, and more.

We now have additional muscle testing techniques available to help you with your back pain or groin pain treatment.
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Dr Bryan Hornby will be completing the entire 90 hour post-graduate Applied Kinesiology course during 2013/14 to add to the services we provide and help your with your back pain, groin pain, headaches, neck pain, etc.