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Massage For Headaches:  Research Confirms Trigger Point Therapy Works To Alleviate Headache Pain

“Trigger point therapy” may hold a key to alleviating headache pain for those in and around Castle Hill, Norwest, Bella Vista, Baulkham Hills, Kellyville, and more.  Our Castle Hill Massage and Norwest Massage Therapists use trigger point therapy to pin-point the sites of headache pain and provide relief without drugs or surgery.

Trigger point therapy reduced cervicogenic headache pain (headache with primary cause from a dysfunctional neck). With this treatment, patients also experienced a reduction in neck pain symptoms, as well as improved range of motion and muscle function.

Trigger point therapy is a treatment used by our massage therapists here at Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest to relieve trigger points (TrPs), or hyperirritable spots of pain located in taut bands of skeletal muscles.  In a new study, researchers tested the effects of trigger point therapy for the treatment of cervicogenic headache. Twenty patients were randomly assigned to receive either trigger point therapy (TrP therapy) or a sham treatment for three sessions during a one week period. The treatments were applied to active trigger points located in the neck.

Patients receiving TrP therapy experienced markedly better outcomes than the sham group. TrP therapy patients had significantly improved neck range of motion and increased functioning of the deep cervical flexor muscles. They also had substantially reduced pain sensitivity, neck pain, and headache. On average, patients’ headache pain scores dropped from a 7.6 out of 10 to a 2.2, or about a 71.1% reduction. Their neck pain scores also decreased from a 7.4 to a 3.0 after treatment, or about a 59.5% reduction.

More research is needed to understand why TrP manual therapy lead to these improvements. It has been hypothesized that trigger points play a role in the development of headache, since earlier studies have reported trigger points present in patients with tension headache, cluster headache, and migraine. However this is one of the first studies to confirm the presence of trigger points in people with cervicogenic headache, and to suggest that trigger point therapy can help.

Our massage therapists frequently use trigger point therapy in conjunction with acupuncture, chiropractic, diet advice, and exercise, for great results. This study adds further evidence of the efficacy of  massage therapy for cervicogenic headache.

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