Hip Fractures and Bone Density Problems – Why You Need To Take Notice

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Hip Fractures and Bone Density Problems

Each year, one in three people over the age of 65 will take a serious tumble that may land them in hospital with a hip fracture.  24 percent of those who break their hip will die within a year (Am J Public Health, 1994).  Sixty percent will experience dementia like symptoms.  Most will never see home again.

How may hip fractures and bone density problems occur?
– hormonal changes in the older adult
– negative dietary influences (excess sugar, carbonated drinks, alcohol, tobacco, etc)
– inadequate exercise
– genetic
– problems starting from an early age? (take a look at all the kids with their iPhones and computer games.  These new technologies sadly may influence spine and back problems)

Chiropractic care combined with simple lifestyle changes may be powerful ways to prevent and address some of the causes surrounding falls.

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