How does acupuncture work?

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This is probably the most frequently asked question for an acupuncturist. The answer is quite simple – by reinstating balance (aka ‘homeostasis’/’optimal function’) acupuncture allows the body to respond and overcome stressors and heal itself.

All healing methods operate on different models of health, all very relevant and suited for different people at different times. Biomedicine has cell biology. Chiropractic has spinal nerve stimulation. Acupuncture’s model is that of Qi. Qi is the vital force that animates the universe and ourselves. Qi (or ‘energy’) flows through specific channel pathways of the body and it’s correct and strong flow allows for optimum function.

This thinking doesn’t vibe with you? Then don’t worry about the theory behind it, come and feel the benefits for yourself. You don’t need to see the wind to feel it’s effects.

Natural Medicine is all about supporting the body’s own amazing powers to heal and thrive. Given the right conditions, your body can regulate itself in amazing ways. When it’s cold, you can warm yourself up. When it’s hot you have the ability to cool down. There are in-built responses to disease factors and stresses. We already have all we need within us to be healthy. As Natural Medicine Practitioners it is our job to facilitate your journey back to health. We correct imbalances as we see them, and we advise you on how to create the best possible environment (diet, exercise, positive thought) for your body, mind, and Qi to, not just survive, but thrive.


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