Chiropractic For Chronic Muscle Pain In Back

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Chiropractic For Chronic Muscle Pain In Back

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Long Term Myofascial Pain Helped By Chiropractic:  37% of men and 65% of women suffer from chronic muscle pain.

Castle Hill Chiropractor (and Norwest) Dr Bryan Hornby of Gentle Care Chiropractic Norwest explains how chiropractic can help ease muscle pain with treatment for those that have been suffering long term with myofascial pain syndrome and chronic muscle tension:

Myofascial (or muscle) pain is a chronic problem for a large portion of the middle-age community, and as the elderly population is expected to double by 2040, chronic muscle pain may be on the rise. But there is help with chiropractic treatment.
Spinal alignments performed by chiropractors reduce muscle pain two fold:
1 – by ’resetting’ microscopic parts of the muscle, called Golgi tendons. When treat-ment is performed, activation of the Golgi tendons sending nerve signals to the brain to tell the muscles to relax.
2 – by affecting pain fibres, called nociceptors. The treatment reduces stress on the over-active pain fibres to produce an immediate improvement in your pain level. A recent study by Srbely J et al in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapies (JMPT) 2013 confirms these findings.

Our chiropractic is different because we perform a whole body assessment and treatment for muscle pain.  Pain in one are can be influenced by distal (far away) muscle groups.  For example, the ‘posterior sling’ is a group of muscles linking the lower back to the shoulders.  Chronic shoulder tension may be influenced by a bad lower back and hypertonic (tight) hip flexors or pelvic asymmetries (pelvic rotation and/or weakness).  For lasting results and/or a more dynamic approach to muscle pain, we deliver with a full-body assessment and treatment for relief.

At home tips include:
– get regular exercise and stretching to assist with normal joint function
– maintain good posture – maintain a balanced diet including 2 servings of fruit/5 servings of vegetables, particularly the green leafy variety (caution those on medication, please consult a professional before making changes to your health).
– women drink 2.1L of fluid per day, and men 2.6L fluid

***WE ALSO OFFER A FREE “GOOD JOINTS EATING GUIDE” available upon request at reception.

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