Relief For Females That Sit

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Chronic Pain, especially neck and shoulder pain are becoming debilitating conditions.  Many of the population suffer from musculoskeletal conditions, like those in Sydney, or the Hills area of Norwest, Castle Hill, Rouse Hill, Kellyville, Bella Vista and Baulkham Hills.  As technology advanced and we spend more and more time sitting these issues could be on the rise.  But there may be a solution…

Relief for Females That Sit

Gravitation Effects Cause > Chronic neck, shoulder and headache pain that can plague sedentary females.

– Long term Scientific Study by International Pain Journal shows relief with Acupuncture Treatment.

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Gravity and Being Female

Females are special.  Unique, creative, loving. But truth be told, gravity has no favourites and places it’s ugly hand equally on both male and female.

The compressive force of our planets gravitational field squashes the upright human back down toward the Earth: Compressing bones, squeezing discs, fatiguing muscles.

Nasty I know, but sometimes this is good.  These compressive forces are needed to maintain adequate bone density and avoid the bone-thinning osteoporosis.

But it isn’t all rosy – when the female body is held in a key stress position, chronic pain can develop.

Key Stress Position

Your head is likely much more attractive than an old bowling ball with 3 holes jabbed in it, but alas, there is trait you share with this heavy ball.

Think for a moment of holding a bowling ball out in front of you with arms straight.  And keep holding it for longer than 30 seconds. What happens? Muscles fatigue, arm pain, etc. Why?…Gravity!

Now back to the common trait…
The weight of your head is equal to that of a 10 lb bowling ball (4.5 kgs).

When the skeleton is held in a compromised position (such as sitting with neck forward), the forces of gravity have an unfair advantage! Compressing, squeezing, fatiguing.

For women that sit for long period (especially using computers, tablets, or mobile phone), the neck and shoulder suffer these gravitation effects and can build up into chronic pains.

Science Backs 6000 Year Old Tradition:

Good news! The International Pain Journal, who conducted a long term scientific study (click here to read), stated that “adequate acupuncture treatment may reduce chronic pain in the neck and shoulders and related headache”.

And what is even better is that “the effect lasted for 3 years”.
Long. Term. Pain. Relief.

Now, anyone who knows a bit about world history knows that the Chinese have been practicing this healing tradition for over 6000 years.

While the human life comes and goes, Acupuncture has stood the ultimate test of time.

Precise Clinical Acupuncture Can Help

Helena Nyssen is our Gentle Care Acupuncturist. Trained in China, she performs precise clinical acupuncture to help you with relief.  If you are female (or male), sit for long periods, and are living under Earth’s gravitational field then we may be able to help.

But, it is important for you to know that Helena’s acupuncture may be able to provide:

Long. Term. Pain. Relief.


Involves, No, Drugs, or, Surgery

We have very convenient long hours and are happy to provide acupuncture treatment as soon as you possibly need it.  Acupuncture Available: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays

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