Conference @ Kingscliff, NSW: Relief of arm and leg pain?

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Relief of Arm and Leg Pain – Chiropractic Conference Nov 10-11, 2012

Last Saturday and Sunday was a dedicated study-weekend for Dr Bryan.  He traveled to the northern NSW border-town of Kingscliff to learn about relief of arm pain and leg pain.  Internationally acclaimed speaker and chiropractor to the Pro Golf tour, Jesper Dahl, revealed advanced analysis methods for arm pain and leg pain which are crucial in getting to the cause of the problem.  These new techniques are great for all sorts of relief of arm and leg pain such as sore knees, hip pain, painful shoulders, even wrists and elbows.  This new knowledge adds to our service and allows us to more effectively address your health problems.   Please phone the clinic on 9672 6892 to find out if we can help with your relief of arm pain and leg pain.

Arm and leg pain conference

Dr Jesper Dahl speaking to a full house