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Dr Bryan’s advice was recently chosen at the “Wisdom of the Week” for his recommendations on sit-ups and exercise.  Traditional sit-ups place an enormous amount of stress on the discs, joints, and surrounding tissues and should be avoided at all costs.  The traditional sit-up is one where you have your knees bent and curl up until your chest touches your knees.

Sit-ups, if performed, should only be executed by raising your torso a very small amount off the ground – just enough so your shoulder blades lift off the floor.  Any further increases the loading on the lower back and can subject it to weakness and/or injury.

For those wanting to work on abdominal strength, traditional sit-ups should be avoided and you should concentrate on endurance exercises such as:
– abdominal hollow
– dead bug
– bridge
– plank
– side bridge

Please see your chiropractor before commencing exercise.
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